Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quitting time

One of the things you need to do as Sales Manager is talk people out of quitting (or into quitting if they are truly awful and getting them to jump of their own accord is far cheaper than incurring the wrath of the bias laws protecting the weak, faint-hearted and lazy in the workplace). Anyway, Klaas traveled to The Hague today to talk George out of quitting. Not that she's the best consultant since the word consult was first coined the 1940s or anything - it's just that there is no one else working in the office there. It's a big credibility ask when a client turns up unannounced, finds no one from Ideal Housing, has to make his own coffee, arrange his own viewing conduct his own negotiation and check-in. Naturally, should this ever happen, a commission discount would be reasonable. George lists her grievances:
  • I cannot print
  • Most of the time, should printing seem to work, the print comes out on one of the printers in Amsterdam.
  • I have not been paid any expenses.
  • I have not been paid a penny of commission.
  • My emails to head office are ignored.
  • The finance guy speaks funny and I cannot understand a word his says.
  • People want to know where I am (IF I AM OUT, LIVE WITH IT!)
  • My rusty heap of a car is not representative.
  • Access to the database is intermittent.
  • Outbound calling is sporadic.
The outcome of the meeting is that I have to speak with her. I'm unclear if she's on the team or not. I'll call tonight.

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