Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Up and to the right

Unsure ground. We’re having an excellent month despite the loss of Ginny, our super saleswoman. Theories abound:

  1. Luck: May may be fine. Thereafter, it will inevitably not be fine.
  2. Redistribution: Everyone is getting a bit of what would normally have been grabbed by Ginny.
  3. Increased confidence: A couple of good deals with clients that would otherwise have gone Ginnywards raises ones confidence and creates a smiley, optimistic, effervescence that washes over clients and makes them disposed to sign.
  4. Economy: It’s on the up so every agency is doing more business.
  5. Luck.: More luck around and it will run out.

A couple of months of post-Ginny stats are required to do anything more than ponder. I will report ad hocly with musings and evidence on this topic.

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