Thursday, April 26, 2007

The day in brief

  • Got up earlier than everyone else to buy muffins for weekly breakfast meeting.
  • Muffins consumed in silence. No thanks. Crumbs left on floor.
  • Last minute deal-sheets appear on my desk in the scramble to get commission this month (and not let it slide into next month).
  • Strong talk with Jimmy as he revenue numbers suck loudly, he's been on holiday, he's sick on his return, he requested more holiday.
  • Askance looks at bookkeeper.
  • Bookkeeper looks askance back.
  • Meet with Chuck to discuss real-estate brokerage arm of business.
  • Chuck feels like he's being gypped.
  • Reviews numbers. Feels less like he's being gypped (but cannot admit it).
  • Marcus is editing a picture of bathroom - trying to remove the mold.
  • More salary admin.
  • Pay taxes to tax guys.
  • More salary admin.
  • Read 23 page purchase document in Dutch for property I want to buy (11.00 at night now).
  • Crash.

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